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International Forensic Psychiatry Lecture Series
IFPLS, hosted by McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, is a weekly educational webinar series that provides engaging and innovative topics on Forensic Psychiatry. Talks will be no longer than one hour including a discussion and Q&A period. Attendees will have the flexibility to register for any topics that pique their interest.

Learning Outcome:
-A more sophisticated understanding of key forensic topics to eventually improve practice (rotating weekly themes include: introductory, advanced, controversies and innovations, and global perspectives)

All learners, faculty, researchers and individuals working in mental health and the Law/Forensic Psychiatry are welcome to attend, learn and collaborate!

----------------------------------------------UPCOMING TALKS-------------------------------------
Sep 23: Dr. Caroline Logan - The Role of Formulation in Gender-Based Risk Assessment and Management
Sep 30: Dr. Birgit Völlm - Forensic Psychiatry in Europe: Concepts and Service Provision
Oct 7: Drs. Heather Moulden and Luiza Gea - How Can Biomarkers Contribute to Forensic Psychiatry?
Oct 14: Dr. Shan Jumper - Working With Transgender Individuals Who Sexually Harm
Oct 21: Justice Richard Schneider - Mental Health Courts and Diversion
Oct 28: Drs. Giovanni de Girolamo & Marco Picchioni - The EU-VIORMED project: a multinational study of forensic psychiatry in five European countries. An oveview of study results
Nov 4: Dr. Philip Candilis - The Evolution of Forensic Mental Health Ethics
Nov 11: Dr. Franca Cortoni - Female sexual offenders: A reality that can no longer be ignored
Nov 18: TBD
Nov 25: Dr. Dylan Gatner - Violence Risk Assessment and Psychopathic Personality

For a complete schedule, please visit https://www.forensicpsychiatryinstitute.com/
You can choose to attend one or more of the following webinars.

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